These were planted a long time ago, so after each winter they just pop up.  I think that’s cool.


April 25, 2014

It feels like it got heavier. It always surprises me when if feels because it seems a couple inches lower in my abdomen than it should.  I think the added weight is the new layer of armor currently being applied.  It’s as if an assembly line of soldiers are passing carbon fiber plates to lay a scale pattern over the pericardium landscape.  I realized today that the one person I believed to have mutual respect with was not a real friend.  We were acquaintances and I never knew.

Apparently there isn’t much literature online about seasonal hot spots for the service industry.  Key West is the place to be from late September to early June.  I’m looking for a summer spot right now.  I’ve heard about Alaska and am checking out Colorado right now.  Bouncing around, collecting tips might be a fun gig for a couple of years.  South America could be fun, too.

Just write.  At least 15 minutes/day.  There’s no such thing as writer’s block.

Robyn’s friend told me these notions and she’s been teaching writing workshops for, what I consider, a relatively long time.

As I glimpse between paper to the sides of our current path, carved through the Rockies immediately west of Denver, from the back seat of Roland’s Denali, this is all I can come up with.  Roland seems to have started as a goofy, intelligent kid and matured into a fun creating, easy living, good natured old man.  I’m really enjoying watching his smirks of entertainment and adoration when the two of them interact.

Walking out of the warm cafe pequeño, I have a new emotional response which contrasts that of my arrival to the snowy mountain town of Nederland.  It’s amazing how a sweet, silky latte can grab my restless soul and whisper sweet nothings into it’s deepening temperamental resonators.  “Wow.  That’s pretty,” escapes my lips with a shoulder dropping sigh as my glance captures the staggering hills being swept with side-flying snow particles.  The semi-sweet sugar covered ice grabs at the rocky banks like healthy white gums on ancient geological teeth.

I’ve been reluctant to adopt new local features lately as I’ve skipped across the continent to Nashville and then caught a ride to Colorado.  To catch up the reader, I made one of those poor decisions one must make occasionally to avoid hypothetical purgatory of regret exempli gratia taking a job opportunity, buying a boat, trying a relationship, et cetera.  Not doing things that we fear leaves us with safety and tortured souls.  I left Tacoma in a hurry to do the one thing I scolded and scorned others for doing.  I chased a girl.  It didn’t work.  Moving on.  Another opportunity crossed my path and I jumped into a sedan with a stranger and drove 4 states westward and hopped out in downtown Denver.

Seeing grandma has been appropriate.  Tomorrow I visit Julie from KW in Boulder to see the fable with my own.

Simple Life as a Writer: Plan #1

Usually when I say things the meaning expires.  Let’s hope publishing will have more lingering effect.

Wake up – write 15 min. & snack

Routine – exercise, drink shake, meditate, examine Roles&Goals and mission statement

Breakfast & Coffee

Write 2 hours (yeah, right…)

Read 1 hour (more like 10 minutes)

Read & Write remaining free time