A Boulder Look

The traveler understands we are only here for a little while.



Each set of eyes invokes the feeling that this person belongs in my circle of close friends.  The instant comfortability inspired by the general population of Boulder is one that I’ve only found as prominent in San Francisco, and there it was only in various pockets around the city.  If you’ve ever been to a music festival or caught yourself at a large event where you felt compelled to say hello to every passing face, then you know the feeling of walking through this townish city.  There are some rare exceptions in the form of semi-hostile vagrants, but transplanted in another city, they would only seem odd and non-threatening.

My first night in town, String Cheese Incident is playing a free concert on the Hill near the Colorado University campus.  The crowd is as expected: guys and girls in their twenties, some hanging out of the second story windows that line 13th St, some walking on the flat and pitched rooftops, the rest bobbing and dancing to the tunes in the packed, dusking street.  The thing that isn’t expected is how good everyone looks.  I’ve never seen such a homogenous collection of health and happiness (Stockholm only holds the former and without the latter is it really healthy?).  These hippies really have their 5#!t together!  Every smiling, colorful sundress that passes with a headband puts “Wow!” in my head.  The chilled out, smiling eyes of dudes bring the idea that we are about to go play Mario Kart or unveil a secret treehouse overlooking the city.  The only stress I experience is where do I go and who do I talk to.  I am lost in a sea of strange friends, utterly perplexed and astounded.

At a concert, good vibes are the norm.  What strikes me repeatedly is the constant encountering of beautiful girl after beautiful girl after beautiful girl, followed by just genuinely friendly dudes.  Supermarkets, restaurants, downtown, hiking trails, it doesn’t really matter where in Boulder you go, everyone seems to be calmly stoked and in a positive life routine.  Bromances occur over short interactions like when I picked up our to-go burgers from Mountain Sun last night.  And the chicks.  You get the picture.  It’s a good place.  Instead of feeling awkward, as I usually do about taking a jog around the whatever city I am currently visiting, I actually fit in.  Boulder Creek cuts the town into upper and lower halves, is lined with a dirt and an asphalt trail, and is always teeming with people taking care of their physical pillar.  This aesthetically pleasing spectacle serves as daily encouragement for a lifelong fitness advocate.  The trail eventually leads to the orange rocky hills that define the town’s western edge.  Above the houses, the landmark Flatirons which protrude as 3 giant diagonal arrowheads are almost always towering above the dweller.

East Nashville wasn’t the scariest place I’ve been to, but it’s a hell of a lot rougher than Tacoma.  Some of a person’s brain power has to be devoted to survival, which limits leisure time and creativity, hence the fewer unique restaurants, pretty houses, art, etc.  It is bound to strengthen other parts of the brain along with survival instincts.  In a “vortex” (I’m sure we’ll come across this topic later) like Boulder, there is very few acts of violence, so the mind can more fully engage in creativity and unconventional ideals of peace and harmony are spawned and rejected by outsiders.



Rare = valuable in many cases

“As of February 27, 2013, there are only four naturally blue colored foods listed. The four blue colored foods that are listed are the blueberries, blue corn, bilberries, and blue potatoes.” – Ask.com referencing Blue.Food.com

In Mario Kart, the blue shell was the best.  There’s not a whole lot of blue stuff on this planet, and most of it is pretty cool: water, the sky, flowers, some animals, and diamonds.  I’m no expert in either cellular metabolism or nutrition, but it might be worth it to drop an extra buck on some blueberry pancakes next time.



60% is body language, 30% tonality, and the other 10% is words.  This numbers fluctuate a bit depending on who you ask.  Ads on CL are text only.  Flights, hotels, and anything else can be bought online.  Facebook is the primary form keeping tabs in distanced relationships.  Is our semantic communication increasing? 20%? 30%?  What’s reducing?



It’s easy to analyze other’s behaviors because emotions aren’t involved in your observation.



Hippies want to preserve nature and reduce the impact that humans have on the ecosystems within this globe.  But we like cities.  This is where all of the ideas about living sustainably originate.  Cities are unarguably the most destructive — I just realized that if half of the population lives in cities and half in rural areas, there is probably more garbage from the rural areas.  Who the hell cares, we’re just gonna consume the earth or it will consume us.  Sorry squirrels.

>>My opinion reversed while writing this in my notebook.  This is an experience of docendo disco, scribendo cogito: I learn by teaching, I think by writing.



Looking up bus routes from Boulder to Thornton gives me a rush, because it’s new and I’m learning.  Learning is required to keep me from being bored/sad.  If the learning can be incorporated into my livelihood, then I am exponentializing my happiness.

This is the difference between a job people look forward to going to and a mundane routine that is dreaded.  This is why travel  is addicting.  You always learn when you travel.  Your mind is wide open, full throttle , absorbing so much new information, you body is seeping through the pores with dopamine.  To achieve this level of learning without travel to new places requires intense reading, advanced skill development, continuous experimentation, and interaction with people either completely different from yourself or on the same high information intake level.  This is what I’ve attempted for the last 7 months, with limited success on stifling my addiction.  It takes focus and persistence.   Adventurous activities could be the answer.  I’m right next to the mountains.  I’m gonna get up in those hills and learn how to climb.



I just remembered/learned the feelings of internal satisfaction (not form eating a delicious steak or some other externally fed emotion) are a manufactured byproduct of executing those actions we all know and say we “should” do.  I should exercise more, I should eat less red meat, I should read more often, I should call that person, etc.  Once “should” becomes “do“, that tingly floating around feeling, lifted by your open eyes and raised cheeks automatically sets in.  Without the “do“, which almost happens as an accident, time and days are spent looking for something outside of your personal perimeter.  Other than the fleeting amusement inspired by a donut, cigarette, TV show, or for me a latte, the search is perpetuated and the source of true internal security is further obscured.  These vices are perfectly ok and I will not de-commend them, but the funny thing that happens is after taking positive action to follow the conscience, the reward is in yourself and the taste for external stimuli changes.  After going for a run, the last thing your body wants is a cigarette, a beer, and a slice of pizza.  The human body enjoys Newton’s 1st Law and craves continued movement in which ever direction it is moving, perhaps as a means to discover.  Initiating a change in momentum is defined by Newton as “an external force”.  Are we making the changes to our earthly bodies remotely?



Writing Exercise DAY 2:

Write the personality traits of someone you love.

Punctual, courageous, always looking to improve, always looking for a challenge that everyone else thinks is absurd, looks people in the eye, not afraid to show their colors or tell uncomfortable truths, isolates themselves to get work done, has control of their emotions and schedule, laughs loudly and rarely, ingores theirs faults and focuses only on their passions, never ever acts in or responds to fear, speaks plainly and curtly, never makes excuses or apologizes.


Write the physical characteristics of someone you don’t care for.

Pear shaped body, thin hairline, hairy forearms, drools, has food on face, pale skin plain brown eyes, red curly medium length hair creating half a mop like a wilting pineapple, forehead freckles, short chubby fingers, staggered and thinly spaced upper teeth, ball nose, rosy cheeks, squeaky voice, wifebeater with stains of overcast, oversized sunglasses, breath of expired milk, asscrack hanging out, speaking with dragging introduction, shifty eyes.




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