Human Initiative

There’s something inside of us, that I believe is a form of self-preservation, but I also believe is outdated. A voice shouts out of the blue of our minds, berating and insulting us and irrationalizing the logic which is so clear after a couple of glasses of wine.

This voice can and will do irreparable damage if not kept in check. Friendships will end. It is the source of anger, paranoia, and feelings of inadequacy.

There is a school of thought which hails to this voice. It is believed to be the honest guide to what the self actually desires.Following this path, one willfully cuts off ties which are not completely insync with one’s highest goals. Humility is non-existent, although respect if given to those who earn it. The human will is unbendable, supplanting the capacity for intense sustained focus. The individual transitions from a part of the human herd to a lone artist, only rarely crossing paths with another in the same state.

The question I seek to answer is not directly related to morals, enlightenment, or the old, “why are we here?” Like religion of dieties, I don’t believe it is possible to know what’s going on after a life ends while still being in the life. A fish doesn’t understand what’s outside of the tank. A 2-D being can’t understand 3-D. The reason I experiment is to learn concepts and then apply then to my life to enhance it. I want to get the most enjoyment I can while I’m here.

The same way fish don’t realize they are in water, stressed people don’t realize they’re wound up. And something happens when the mind is relaxed. After a ten hour work shift, and the offworker plops down onto a stool, sheds with a deep sigh the tensity of work mode, and let’s flow the cool, crisp nectar of fermented life over teeth and tongue, trapping with gentle lips to taste the sacred punch of forgetfulness as it falls down to the offworker’s inside. A few minutes and deep breaths later, something distinct begins to happen. Stern downward corners of the mouth begin to loosen and gently rise. Dull, weary eyes peer curiously over the setting. Sounds which always existed become audible to the offworker’s mind. The world gets bigger.

This phenomenon is not dependent upon drinking alcohol or any external stimulation. While there are a variety of catalysts, the true source is just relaxation and awareness of surroundings.

Focusing causes the consciousness to close in on details like a narrowing beam of light. It’s a tool, which means it’s only effective for certain tasks. Obeying the voice which tells you to drive forward and isolate yourself from anything that holds you back keeps you in a closed mindset as long as you feel you have not yet reached your goal.

The big question: “Is it possible to reach contentment through achievement?” If there is always more to gain and conquer, then the relief is only ever temporary and unrelated to the self. Using success as a plan for happiness is about as useful as trying to cure a heartache with pain killers.


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