Seaside Serenity

After leaving work and reading a chapter of the classic sci-fi book, Blade Runner, over coffee and a biscuit at Denny’s, I start heading home. 2:30AM.

A dark patch of the side of the road catches my eye and I circle back to see if it has beach access. It does, and being two hundred yards from the nearest streetlight, the water is only visible because of faint reflections of the stars.

Key West imports its sand from the Bahamas because it gets no natural wave action. The only waves, I see now, come in constantly without retreating at about a half an inch tall, and instead of a thunderous crash, give the ambiance of a fountain typically found on the hostess counter at a Thai restaurant.

The peaceful dark matches the chill vibe of this slowest time of the year in terms of tourism. In another month the temperature will drop to perfect and business will climb to fill the pockets of us service industry workers.

For now I’m enjoying the calm.


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