Freshly Stale: Key West


July 29, 2014

   Very unsure of myself, I climb down into the cabin of my brother’s floating domain. The lack of clear horizontal surfaces clenched my jaw slightly. Deep breath. We talk like new cell mates for the first day. He is no more sincere about the welcome back than I am.
   Talk steers away from reasonable effectiveness. The intention of promoting confidence is as translucent as my weakly brewed French press coffee.
   The next morning I make a rich pot. Our tones of voice originate closer toward our stomachs and our breathing slows. Our smiles become natural reactions.
   We knock out a couple of small projects, make my bedding a bit more cozy, and buy a scooter to share.
   I mingle with old co-workers after getting my old job back at Island Dogs Bar.
   A couple more projects are done and lists are formed for grand plans between watching inspirational movies like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
We talk about goals and steps to move forward with such productive and realistically enchanting simplicity that I am sure I am right where I’m supposed to be.
Everything that happened on the path to here and now was absolutely crucial and wonderful. I’m glad it all went down the way it did.


August 29, 2014

It didn’t take long to become reacquainted with the downsides of KW. Every place on Earth has its own unique Yin and Yang. Natural exotic beauty, relaxed locals, and glowing tourists on the good. Overpriced low-quality food, shyster-run businesses, and obnoxious bums on the bad.
Which bad traits are you willing to put up with? I have to cook more and grow thick skin, but those things I want.
“Take care of your words when in company; take care of your thoughts when alone.” -Unkown.
It’s an easily acquired habit to have a hurried demeanor and, in turn, only see the bad. With effort, the habit can be reversed to feel each hour like a first time visitor to paradise.
In a sense, each day is our first.


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