White houses


If your look at a map, white people come from countries relatively distant from the equator. But if you look at history, as far north as Canada had indigenous tribes of the tan variety and Australia had pitch black people. Orientals have a little color, and statues of Mayans have facial features of today’s Africans. The Caribbean islands are still dark. It wasn’t until South America was invaded by Europeans that they began to lose their color. All whiteness came from Europe, the only culture that was staying inside all of their lives.

Staying inside sucks. It’s bad for perspective, deprives you of commonsensicle vitamins (which effect mood and eventually attitude), and reduces the need for a healthy cardio vascular system. If you want to see a healthy human, look at a savage.

No matter the latitude, they physiologically conform to a lively specimen. They have more life.


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