The Donut Boy: a children’s book

There once was a boy with a purple tattoo on his head.  He would walk from his boat on the next island, across the bridge to his favorite place. It was a donut shop.  He came here as often as he could.  The donut shop made fantastic coffee drinks, the best on the island.  He drank coffee, ate donuts, and thought about how good they were.

The tattoo on his head would change colors from purple to blue, back to purple, to red, and sometimes pink, depending on his mood.  Today it was dark blue and cloudy.

When the boy woke up, the wind was rocking the boat and the rain was small and fast.  There was a tropical storm nearby and the strong wind turned the small rain felt like needles on his face.  At first, the boy scrunched his face and tried to make himself small to hide from the rain realized he was already halfway to the donut shop.  He also realized there was nothing he could do about the weather and he would be ok, so he stood tall and kept walking.  The boy started to relax and notice the cars and people and houses along the street.  This made the trip more fun.  His tattoo started to turn purple again.

When he finally made it to the donut shop, he was worried because he didn’t know if the shop was even open.  The sound of guitars and singing rang through the speaker above his favorite table.  His friends were standing behind the counter next to a single rack of freshly baked donuts.  The boy put on a big smile.

He watched the rain bounce off the street through a big glass window.  He was dry and had warm donuts and delicious coffee, but still had the same feeling inside.  It felt like he was hungry, but he just ate.  People walked by and he wondered.

He remembered two of his friends were starting their workday across town.  It was a busy job and he knew they would be hungry.  The boy decided to bring them donuts and coffee.  He felt good about his idea.

With a bag of warm donuts and his yellow raincoat, he marched through the puddles to surprise his friends.  They were indeed surprised and wore great big smiles.  They talked and laughed and enjoyed their tasty treats.

The boy no longer felt hungry.  His tattoo changed to bright pink and even had a little bit of yellow on the outside.

The end.


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