There’s nothing like running in the morning sun with palm trees for a back drop.

My Key West tattoo finally healed enough and I cleared out my lungs a bit. My wrist still hurts at certain angles, but I was able to add some back exercises at a playground before any parents showed up with kids.

My day was great although I missed a coffee date with a friend of mine due to my lack of integrity. That bummed me out.

Danielle and i went to a tourist junk mall by the grand sunset location to buy junk to mail to her friends in Massachusetts. I never wear sunglasses inside because I feel like a douche. I felt I needed them now to keep as much of my soul as possible. I tried holding my breath also. The endless pits of bleached sand dollars and star fish and manufactured memorabilia almost made me gag.

I didn’t gag and hid my exaggerated emotions from Danielle. We didn’t find the coconuts. The rest of the day was better, but the loathing stayed with me until I got to work.

Hoards of people buying meaningless, low quality junk is nothing new in the world. Fortunately, I know where it is and can avoid it in the future.


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