Random shallow observations

Some things cannot be unlearned.  The value of not working for instance.  In some places it is crystal clear.

The hive was upset today, but we aren’t equipped to know why, the same way ants aren’t equipped to know their ant hill has been stepped on. 

It wasn’t just my opinion.  One of the owners at the donut shop commented on a high number of unanswerably thoughtless questions and at least 3 of my co-workers from two different jobs told me they had way too many crazies at their tables.  Fast and childish drivers filled the streets of Key West today, piercing the 30mph limits as quickly as they could before slamming on the brakes as the 200 yard stretch of open road ended.

This is the day that Leonard Nimoy passed and there was overcast ending the 2-day beautiful weather streak.  These are my only clues from my perspective here at sea level.

The tropics (Cancer/Capricorn) are the beginning of the money belts of our planet.  Great climate lies between, easy economic gains outside.  If you don’t have the latitudes memorized, the Tropic of Cancer lies between Florida and Cuba.  North of this you will find most of Europe, China, Japan, and other nations with high GDPs.  South of the Tropic of Capricorn lie the larger Brazillian cities, Argentina, South Africa, and most of Australia. 

This is just a general trend.  I will do more research and find the areas with a high cost of living within the tropics.


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