asdf oh yea im about to type the shit out of some shit. we werew looking thing that we.  everythihg that we looked at that we thyouyght souoberly would be caool, actually isnt cool. I The scieleing is one of the dcoolest htings to lok at with istist tan, tesert lines and onely cropped uop rogue treese appearing here and there in the horizon.  The shimmer of gold on silver is remsmerisizing.  I can’t spell.  I’m not a gootd speller right now. \\\\\\\\\\\\\.  The corners of the planks, or edges Ishould say are dark black canyons on a n alien planet hiding the true power and mystery in the chimical makeup of the mplanet.  Blah blah blah.  No one cares about aliends or the covernment or nikee.  Just play another record of ray charles.  No im just rambling.  WQhat Iwas gonna say was the wait, what kind of wood is this?  It’s likght brown, duh. it’s wood colored. go with that.  We giggle insessently, is that a word, while danieles holiding the screen and I’m tytimng with the bluetooth keyboard just below my genitals.  My arms are a little longer thatn those of a human whose evolved as longly as our sepecies.  I mean they damn near scrape the ground.  And as re discussed inth eshower moments earlyer, my hands have the texture of some secret russian rubber polymer not yet released to the publeic due to it’s abnormaly high coefficient of fricture.friction.  Thanks for the vote of confidence Danielle.  Whoa. the wood over there looks like it’s wet.  Well it has been raining alot lately.  MWe must be in the rainy season.  Let’s see.  March 29 is that an 9? ok. end of march, we are She said yes, but that doewsn’t tell me what that was.  I repeated myself, fair enough.  This  focus.  Focus.  We are just north of the tropic of ca…one of them. annd it is late spring, for us, so Ithink we are getting ready for the wet season.  Yes.  Hurricanes mean wet.  Well now that that’s out of the way, lets get down to business.  Dog people are fucking nuts.  There’sd a warning on my girlfiend’s toy that she bought herself that is intended for dogs.  Waning! do not give this tow to children.  Please remove all tags before giving to dog.  What tghe fuck?????   are we all retarded.  is this hole conuntry held together at the seams by a retarded glue of warnignns and precaustions and plastic fuckdolls?  i don’t know why i like that phrase plastic fuckdoll it markes the industrys retartedly abstract grasp of what is marketable.    I thinks its time for another quarter hit.  This time of the other stuff.  \to be continued…


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