April 27, 2015

With a new hose for the head and the system cleaned, the boat no longer smells like a boat. After sitting on the dock for about a year, the dinghy motor started without a problem. West Marine replaced our $700 battery charger free of charge.

We broke the shear key for the dinghy propeller, but had an extra on board. I wanted more veggies in my life; Chris eats, cooks, and preserves lots and lots of veggies. Typically I’m the “free spirited” space cadet traveler; now I get to experience the other side since Chris has traveled more and more recently. Steve lost a drill in the water so we got two more, then the original came back to life. We bought two rolls of athletic tape the day before I broke my toe. The city and sirens were weighing on me ever since moving down town; living on the hook is overwhelmingly peaceful. The anchors Steve left in the middle of an anchorage a year ago were still here, and the guy using one bought it for $100.

I realized by getting back on the path (road), everything works out. Challenges seem to overcome themselves.

When you don’t predict the future, the feeling of letting yourself down vanishes.

April 28, 2015

No one left the boat today. Being away from the stores restores a feeling that one doesn’t need anything from stores. As a good U.S. citizen, it is natural to spend money at least once a day. I’ll spend money tomorrow and then I’ll feel the fictitious sense of reality like a lead fishing weight suspended by a line from my diaphragm.

April 29

It rained for 10 hours and instead of getting soaked all day, we became Cubans, playing poker and cooking all day with the wind-up radio blaring bad Spanish music from the 80’s. While pickled vegetables and rum-soaked pineapple were being passed around the change-covered, ply-wood table, We built inappropriate phrases using verb book given to me by Caleb and a bi-lingual diccionario. The feeling of wasting a day is haunting me and my face is tired from smiling.


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