Piers and Beers

Alcohol is our friend, well at least mine.  I stay away from it because of the health implications.  In today’s developed society, we so often disregard spiritual health that ties in with the other 3: mental, emotional, and physical.

Maybe social health could be a fifth pillar of the human foundation, as quoted in the movie Chasing Mavericks, but I feel it surrounds the others like the black circle around the BMW logo.

So these alcoholic spirits quench our thirsty souls, rinsing the mildewy fog from our mental lens, leaving a clear view on important things like music, laughing, reaching out to old friends, and adventure.

A little bit goes a long way, too.  The same way that too much exercising or wiki-surfing can be unhealthy, booze can get out of control.

Enjoying life is an art form requiring practice.  My school did not teach us how to nurture the soul.  One of those gospel churches might be helpful.

Did you know that you should never get blood work done after a traumatic event?  If you get a blood test the day after a breakup, your cholesterol levers will be completely out of whack along with a host of other bio-markers.  I’m not going to bore you with details and examples, but it’s a common topic in the science community that stress is tied to physical health at a cellular level.

Too much research into nutrition and history has left me feeling dispassionate and stoic.  All work, no play…

Sitting on White St. Pier, I scribbled meaningless words into my notebook feeling like I had to complete a task I had given myself.  I can sometimes be kinda hard on myself.

Then I had an idea to get a beer, which I never do anymore out of fear of knowing what alcohol does to the gut micro-biome.  Fear.

I felt something new going to the Quick-e-mart.  Something almost forgotten.

The next thing I know, I’m with a friend at different pier for sunset.  Another friend meets us and then we’re playing wiffle ball with 10 new friends.  Then live music at Virgilios.  Good band, too.

At the end of the night, I’m lying on my back at Higg’s Pier, watching the full moon overhead.  My girlfriend Kelsey joins me after her own adventures with her girlfriends.

The next morning left me feeling relaxed and reconnected.  Less fear.  It all started with sitting on a pier, thinking about beer.



breeze, sun

smells, sounds

birds, lizards

bugs, butterflies

cars, people

clouds, trees

flowers, dogs

houses, streets

signs, lights



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