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Cats are really present. Dogs live in the future. Always anticipating a treat, the door, some food, playing catch, etc.

That is, after they are trained.

This is a generalization.  Like people from a certain part of the world or the next town over or that look a certain way, it always comes down to a case-by-case basis.  I’ve had a couple of cool dogs, one in particular that was basically untrainable and also minded his own business.  I also know an extremely well-trained dog that sailed a couple thousand miles with us and also is as cool as the bottom of an iceberg.  It’s the stereotype I’m referring to.  Yip-yapping around their owners feet and clawing at the front door with uncontrollable anxiety.  That’s a future dog.

People are the same way. Most, not all, but most people become very anxious after their training. Planning a retirement at age 25 is a good example. Working toward a degree, a promotion, a new car, will keep you always taking the present for granted. Today won’t exist, except for trace amounts in the echoes of your mind. The future will be the only reality you perceive.

The problem, of course, is that it’s the other way around.

Right now is the only thing that is actually happening. The future will get here eventually, arriving moment by moment, but it won’t ever by what we predict.  And we won’t notice when it does, since a large percentage of our focus will be on another hypothetical parallel universe in which none of us actually exist.


Sunglasses trigger an ego reaction through perceived indifference.

There’s so much crap in the world.  If you want to succeed, give people something good.

If you are feeling depressed, it’s because you are victimizing yourself.  You can’t see the way out.  You know what the problem is, so start writing it down.  You’ll naturally start writing ways to solve it, whether through action or discussion (still action).  After writing it down you’ll feel like you are in control of your life again.  Putting things that are in your head into the physical world (writing) is a simple way to show yourself you are still have control over your life.  Google: Locus of Control.  (Thanks, Kacey.)

I buy two of the same fruit or veggie often.  One organic, one regular.

I want the organic to lose.  If they are the same in quality, flavor, and texture, then the organic loses because it is marketed as something superior.  Usually it wins.

I want organic to lose because that would mean that I outsmarted the trendy hippie-hipsters.  I want to outsmart complacency, mindless following and lack of experimentation.  The anti-scientific hearsay that is plaguing the western world and perpetuating its folly with clever marketing.  I’m a cynic.  I think a company selling the same product at a higher price knows that working class consumers are too tired, lazy, and unimaginative to research products, and just want someone to tell them what is good for them.

I want to be able to say “Ah-hah! See?!!  It’s bullshit!  There’s no such thing as “organic” because that literally means: “Any member of a large class of gaseous, liquid, or solid chemical compounds whose molecules contain carbon.”

But there are numerous definitions for everything and each story has at least two sides.  Words are weak.  it comes down to personal preference.  Labels and descriptions are often misleading.  We should always be on the lookout for bullshit, especially in a society where the most common thought that we ponder is, “how can I have more $$”  

So far. organic has a 90% success rate.  Don’t take my word for it.  Experiment for yourself.

Listening to sad music reinforces a victim mentality, which keeps you focused on the past, in your head, and kills proactivity.  It’s a shitty way to live.  Keep sad music listening to a minimum.

for 200,000 years, we had a group of friends no bigger than 30 people.  If you had a hundred friends, you knew a lot of people.  It was an event if you saw a new person.  That was a good day. Otherwise, you were working, finding food, basically hanging out with the same people.  This still happens to a large extent with the people we work with.  Between them and the people we live with, that’s a full social life.  

Insert social media.  Add 50 texts a day.  Then look at 25 people’s lives on Facebook.  Reply to some messages.  Check out a few Instagram photos.  Send a message on WhatsApp.  I’m a lightweight, too.  Other people do SnapChat and Twitter and I don’t even know what else.  

We went from interacting with less than 20 people on a daily basis to hundreds or even thousands.  

The feeling we get when we need social stimulus still comes now and then.  When that feeling isn’t there, we can take care of our work, homes, hobbies, transportation, skills, community, etc.  The human psyche evolved to handle those 20-50 people in our lives.  It’s been that way since humans started.  The overload of social media is a stressful burden.  It may require a leap in evolution.

If I truly care about learning as much as I can about coffee, which of the following would be the most effective? to act like I know more than anybody I meet, or to act like I don’t know anything?

I got no time for victimization media anymore.  Music about heartache.  I want solutions, not complicated rewordings of the problem at hand.  That is philisophical masturbation.

I just tried watching a movie called Waking Life.  I made it about 45 minutes before I turned it off.  It is dense with descriptions on how we are subjects in a modern-day slavery scenario and cannot break free from our conditioning and blah, blah, blah.  I skipped around through the rest of the movie, but it was chalked full of the same “boo-hoo, I can’t do what I want bullshit”.  It’s bullshit.  

People are afraid and don’t follow their hearts and that’s that.  I know this from all of the traveling comments that say “I wish I could do that.”  You could if you could just be honest with yourself and say, “I’m being a lazy wimp.  I have to make sacrifices to get the things I want.”  Then at least you have an honest starting point and can make the necessary change.  

Or, if you don’t really want to do this or that, than shut the fuck up and stop lying to everyone.  Just stop whining.  Do something or don’t do something, but don’t just sit there and cry like a 1st-world little bitch.  It’s always the same spoiled americans that complain about being held down by the man.  The same people who take potable water for granted, who never get food poisoning, who complain when they see a plastic bag on the sidewalk, but don’t pick it up.  

At least half of the members of our species will never know what it’s like to turn on a hot-water faucet or to be able to drink out of the sink.  Stop crying about how bad you have it in this country. It is tailored for losers and bums and winners. If you want to be a rich asshole (or rich nice, cool person), there’s no better place to become one.  If you want to point out how unfair it is that people work harder than you and get more out of life, great, you have about 200 million friends.

Approaching Cruising Altitude

The cars are so self-important. Each driver racing and cussing their neighbors.  The manicured lawns demonstrate prowess.  Empty lots of orange clay, soon to be covered in sod.  Fuck those squirrels that want to chew up my $5700 yard.  I’ll kill them all!  Far from Atlanta, a random stripe, void of trees.  Maybe a new interstate.  Big flat buildings like circuit boards with squiggly neighborhoods between.  The open green, squared off.  Growing parcels.  Rare ponds.  Trees, no trees, clay, sliced by country roads.  Cotton balls gaining numbers.  Above is blue.  Ahead is white, below is green.  These are the true colors of the world.


One thought on “User Error

  1. So happy to be reading your words. Keep on traveling. Keep I’m living. Many of us thriving in a world of our own choosing – sacrifices of easy-communication and drinking water made – enjoy the shared soundings of mates we make along the way.

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