Ode to Boompa

Boompa has lived a sweet life.
He always found new interests.  He was a true lover of learning.  He had lots of songs memorized on the guitar.  He’d pick up new instruments all the time.  He was a cool dude.  So easy going, too.  He could make new friends like it was nothing.  Always laid back and laughing.
Then there was the farm.  9 years or more he had this place, it seemed just to show his grandson’s how to enjoy the outdoors.  He could have invested that money or bought himself a bigger house.  He had his car.  I grew up with a rich grandpa.  He used to spoil the shit out of us.  That’s how we felt.  In actuality, he was very smart about how he indulged.  We got a master’s course in finance at a very young age.  This is why I’ve never been in debt and do pretty much what I want.  Boompa showed me how.  He wasn’t just rich with money, he had a refined culture of his own.  He got into Pandora Radio when it came out and would play a station called Instrumental Folk.  His house, full of genuine conversation starters, would be submerged in this warm acoustic music.  It felt like spring in the woods in his living room.  He still has most of those articles.  The eductation from his mind, movies, and time at the cabin are probably my favorite lesons I’ve experienced so far.  He was the best Boompa you could dream up.
He tought us to sail.  Steve and I took that knowledge and ran with it.  Probably more than anything, he taught us to overcome the frustration of learning new things, like flipping the 4-wheeler 3 times in 30 minutes, and still getting back on it again.
Boompa had an endless sense of humor.  Even when he’s not laughting, he magnages to keep his composure, like when he nipped his leg with a chainsaw.  He’s about the most fearless guy I’ve ever met.