More reasons to go to Guatemala

Here are some reasons to visit Guatemala.


Go to an art school


with a view


and connected to the state of Georgia.


Start with the basics


and learn how to do this

DSC_0076 (1)

or learn to bake a delicious cake


or paint madness.


They have carpentry classes, if you are looking for something more practical.

DSC_0024Here’s a reason for Mama to visit.

DSC_0160You can rent a room in a cozy house

for $100 / month


in a nice neighborhood.


You can visit weird stores


and impressive parks


or chill in the woods

DSC_0132 (1)

just don’t forget to smell the flowers. 

What else do you want to learn about?

Ask in the comments!


3 thoughts on “More reasons to go to Guatemala

  1. Love the pictures! I would love to hear about the “drug” culture…what are the pervasive opinions? How does one acquire pot? Is it any good? etc… Also, just curious, what is your favorite “grocery store” coffee? Coincidentally, I’m currently in love with Gevalia’s “Guatemala” 🙂

    • Where the coffee is from will determine a lot, but not all, of the flavor. I like Guatemalan because it’s typically chocolatey and arabica. The first thing I look for in by-the-bag is a roast date. The “sweet point” is usually reached 7 or 8 days after the roast date. After that, it’s usually good for another 2 or even 3 weeks as un-ground beans. Which degree of roast (darkness) is another topic and maybe the most important. If it has an 80 or higher Q-grading score (which qualifies for specialty coffee) then you know it’s “clean” or almost free of defects.

      So long answer short: I don’t care who sells it as long as it’s what I like, fresh, and high quality.

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