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This blog is written by a dude in his late 20’s who likes traveling, mocha lattes, gummy bears, NY pizza, and southern style American biscuits.  It’s nearly impossible for him to stay in one city for 6 months, so he gets keeps moving and finds work where he can, usually in bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.

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A big thanks to all of the readers.  I enjoy the comments even if I take eons to reply.  You make me feel like I am doing something worthwhile.


10 thoughts on “About the author

  1. I loved every word of it….and you definitely are doing something worthwhile. Your writing made me feel as though I was there with you, and I think you have found perhaps your next occupation…..independent travel writer!
    Happy and safe travels! Kelly

  2. Mike, we love your blog and “nominated” you (First Place) for Liebster Award, which is not really an award, but a way to connect with others blogs and Facebook pages. You can participate if you want by answering a bunch of questions and nominating other blogs. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
    Read more here;

    P.S. I also used your picture without permission, let me know if it is NOT OK.

  3. What up Foote! I see your enjoying life. Utila is gorgeous, I spent 2 weeks there diving. Hit me up sometime buddy, it would be nice to catch up. This blog is nice.


    • Derek, do you say jealous because you think you can´t have this lifestyle? It´s costing me about $40/week and there are two extra beds at this place. You can join me at any time. Next week, next month, whenever. I´m good at finding cheap airplane tickets, so let me know. And lack of time is a poor excuse, unless you just got back from vacation and your boss has been looking for a reason to fire you. If so, you can job hunt down here. For real, though, it´s a game changer, come down.

    • Well I’ve never been to China, but I’ve read a book or two on Taoism. So went with the flow and ended up in Honduras. I must not have explained it well in the blog post. Check out http://www.workaway.info and you’ll see this particular method of cheap travel. You work for people and stay at their house/hotel/hostel. Sometimes food is included. It’s just a nice way to leapfrog from place to place without spending all your money on housing. Anyway, I’ll look up some cheap plane tickets if you wanna come down. Where are you at now? Got any spare time in the next couple months to spend in another country?

  4. Hey Mikey it’s Kali and Daniel. We miss you guys! 🙂 we can’t wait to see you the next time we get a chance. .. whenever that maybe. Have fun doing what you do… all the awesome stuff that your doing. We can’t wait to hear about it all. We love and hope to see you and Stephen the next time we can. Xoxo Kali and Daniel Fart

    • Thanks for the message!! Not sure if you got the one I sent on Facebook or not, but Steve says Hi! (I was hanging out with him last week) and I am back in the States. I’ll be writing about it soon. I would really like to see you guys and will hit you up the next time I’m up that way. Adios!

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